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Find out what is happening with NEEShub and around the NEES network


New and improved NEEShub

New and improved NEEShub including: Over 75 wishes granted Over 1700 code updates Closed over 850 tickets



Quake Summit 2014

Quake Summit 2014 to be held in conjunction with 10NCEE meeting in Anchorage, July 21-25.

NEES@Berkeley Project Highlights

NEES@Berkeley Project Highlights

New videos are now available - Click "More" to view

A video series on experimental research testing at NEES@Berkeley is now available on the NEEShub.  Click below to view.



Resources are available to support earthquake engineering and research

Multiple resources are available to support Earthquake Engineering and research



User-submitted pieces of content that range from video presentations to publications to simulation tools.

Resources are user-submitted pieces of content that range from video presentations to publications to simulation tools.



The primary resource for learning about earthquake engineering and the discoveries produced by the NEES community.

The primary resource for learning about earthquake engineering and the discoveries produced by the NEES community.



Infrastructure supporting the NEES community

Powerful cyberinfrastructure supports collaboration between research teams

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The NEES Network 

Earthquake Research Sites

Recently Curated Projects

Apr15Proposed Locations for FEMA Trailers in Post-Katrina New Orleans, 2005 - 2006
PI: Daniel Aldrich
Apr15Replication data for: Time-series, cross-sectional dataset on police jurisdictions in Tokyo, Japan from 1922 until 1933
PI: Daniel Aldrich
Apr14Wind Tunnel Tests for Wind-Excited Benchmark Building
PI: Bijan Samali
Award: NSF 02-18813,NSF 96-25616
Apr03Magnetorheological Damper Test Data for Characterization and Modeling
PI: Shirley Dyke
Award: NSF 9301584,NSF 9500301
Apr02Seismic Performance of Innovative Straw Bale Wall Systems
PI: Darcey Donovan
Mar28Retaining Wall Shake-Table Test and Design Using Tire Derived Aggregates as Backfill
PI: Dawn Cheng
Award: California Department of Resource Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) ,Caltrans
Mar27Mitigation of Collapse Risk in Vulnerable Concrete Buildings
PI: Jack Moehle
Award: NSF 0618804
Mar24Developing a frequency-domain based approach for actuator tracking assessment in real-time hybrid simulation
PI: cheng chen
Award: CTCSME 2010-03,NSF 1227962
Mar19Seismic Performance of Five Reinforced Concrete Buildings with Structural Walls at Tohoku University during the Tohoku, Japan, Earthquake of 2011
PI: Santiago Pujol
Award: NSF 1138673
Mar18Stability of Elastomeric and Lead-Rubber Seismic Isolation Bearings Under Extreme Earthquake Loading
PI: Gordon Warn
Award: NSF 1031362
Mar17Field Vibration Testing and Analytical Studies of a Four-Story RC Building
PI: John Wallace
Award: NSF 0301778
Mar07Real-time dynamic hybrid testing based on finite element method
PI: Ting-Jie Wang
Mar03Lateral Load Behavior and Modeling of Shear-Dominant RC Walls for Performance-Based Design
PI: John Wallace
Award: NSF 0825347
Feb19Real-time Hybrid Simulation Method and Technique for Dynamic Damage Process Analysis of Large-scale Building and Bridge Structures
PI: Bin Wu
Feb10Centrifuge Tests for Static and Seismic Soil-Culvert-Interaction (SCI) of Square Box Culvert Inside Dry Cohesionless Soil
PI: Hesham Naggar
Award: NSERC 195059
Feb10Performance-Based Design for Cost-Effective Seismic Hazard Mitigation in New Buildings Using Supplemental Passive Damper Systems
PI: Richard Sause
Award: NSF 0936610
Jan31Understanding and Improving the Seismic Behavior of Pile Foundations in Soft Clays
PI: Muralee Muraleetharan
Award: NSF 0830328
Jan31Measuring Runup and Bed Shear Stress Using Long Stroke Wave-Makers
PI: Philip Liu
Award: NSF 1041541
Jan30Seismic Reflection Transect Across the New Madrid Seismic Zone: Imaging Sediment Structure
PI: Joan Gomberg,Robert Williams
Jan29Seismic Design of Reinforced Masonry Shear-wall Structures
PI: Benson Shing
Award: NIST 60NANB10d013
Jan28Experimental Investigation on the Seismic Performance of Horizontally Curved Bridges
PI: Ian Buckle
Award: Caltrans 59A0695,FHWA DTFH61-07-C-0003
Jan22An Innovative Seismic Performance Enhancement Technique for Steel Building Beam-Column Connections
PI: Tasnim Hassan
Award: NSF 0936547
Jan16NSF RAPID: Collection of Damage Data Following Haiti Earthquake
PI: Laura Lowes
Award: NSF 1034845
Jan13Structural Health Monitoring of Tall & Special Buildings
PI: John Wallace
Jan07Assessment of Punching Shear Vulnerability of Slab-Column Connections with Shear Stud Reinforcement
PI: Gustavo Parra-Montesinos
Award: NSF 0936519
Dec13Hybrid Masonry Seismic Structural Systems
PI: Daniel Abrams
Award: American Institute of Steel Construction ,National Concrete Masonry Association ,NSF 0936464,International Masonry Institute ,Illinois Concrete Products Association ,ERICO International
Dec03Damage Detection and Health Monitoring of Buried Pipelines after Earthquake-Induced Ground Movement
PI: Radoslaw Michalowski
Award: NSF 0724022
Nov12The Effect of Scale on the Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Beams to Shear
PI: Santiago Pujol
Oct18Performance Testing of Full-Scale Bridge Abutments
PI: Jonathan Stewart
Award: Caltrans 59A0247
Oct01SAC Steel Project - Task 7.03 - T-Stubs
PI: Roberto Leon
Sep26Shake Table Response of Full Scale Reinforced Concrete Wall Building Slice
PI: Jose Restrepo,Marios Panagiotou
Sep11TIPS - Tools to Facilitate Widespread Use of Isolation and Protective Systems, a NEES/E-Defense Collaboration
PI: Keri Ryan
Award: NSF 0724208,Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRC-HQ-11-C-04-0067,NSF 1113275
Sep11Behavior and Design of Cast-in-Place Anchors under Simulated Seismic Loading
PI: Jian Zhao
Award: NSF 0724097
Sep10USGS-NEES Pilot Study: Trex P-wave Seismic Reflection Imaging in Garner Valley
PI: William Stephenson
Award: USGS
Sep03Multi-Scale Simulation of Low-Triaxiality Fracture and Ultra Low Cycle Fatigue in Steel Structures
PI: Amit Kanvinde
Award: AISC ,NSF 0825155
Aug02U.S. Instrumentation and Data Processing for the Four-Story Reinforced Concrete and Post-Tensioned E-Defense Building Tests
PI: John Wallace
Award: NSF 1110860
Aug02Testing and Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams
PI: John Wallace
Award: Charles Pankow Foundation CPF 4-06
Jul18Performance of the Base-Isolated Christchurch Women's Hospital during the Sequence of Strong Earthquakes and Aftershocks in New Zealand from September 2010 through 2011
PI: Henri Gavin
Award: NSF 1138714
Jun25Impact Forces from Tsunami-Driven Debris
PI: H. Riggs
Award: NSF 1041666
Jun21Dynamic Passive Pressure on Full-Scale Pile Caps
PI: Travis Gerber
Award: NSF 0421312
Jun12Field Measurement of the Linear and Nonlinear Constrained Moduli of Granular Soil
PI: Kenneth H. Stokoe
Jun10Seismic Simulation and Design of Bridge Columns under Combined Actions, and Implications on System Response
PI: David Sanders
Award: NSF 0530737
Jun10Evaluation of Seismic Levee Deformation Potential by Destructive Cyclic Field Testing
PI: Scott Brandenberg
Award: NSF 0830081
May24NEESR-II: A Seismic Study of Wind Turbines for Renewable Energy
PI: Ahmed Elgamal
Award: NSF 0830422
May20Tsunami Generation by Landslides: Integrating Laboratory Scale Experiments, Numerical Models and Natural Scale Applications
PI: Hermann Fritz
Award: NSF 0936603
May08Performance-Based Design and Real-Time Large-Scale Testing to Enable Implementation of Advanced Damping Systems
PI: Shirley Dyke
Award: NSF 1011534
Apr29Experimental Testing of Controllable Damping Devices toward Extending the Lifespan of Existing Highway Bridges
PI: Richard Christenson
Award: Connecticut Cooperative Highway Research Program
Apr26High-Fidelity Site Characterization by Experimentation, Field Observation, and Inversion-Based Modeling
PI: Jacobo Bielak
Award: NSF 0619078

Happening Right Now 

  • UCSD shake table with precast concrete bldg

    Photo: Claudia Marin


    Teach kids about earthquake engineering
    Educators from NEES at UC Berkeley are sharing an earthquake engineering teaching module for 4th through 6th grade classrooms. Get info and download.