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NEES 3rd Annual Meeting

NEEShub Project Warehouse: Data Updates - June      NEES 3rd Annual Meeting: - May 13-14, 2005 - Minneapolis, Minnesota 


The Fourth NEES Annual Meeting was held in Washington, DC from June 21-23, 2006.

Annual Meeting Program Details and Presentations

THURSDAY - MAY 12, 2005
6:00-8:00 pm

Hosted reception with hors d'oeuvres, sponsored by MTS Systems Corp.
PI's of the Equipment Sites and the SI projects were available to discuss usage of NEES with potential researchers.

FRIDAY - MAY 13, 2005
8:00-8:30 am

Welcome & Introductions
Moderator: Clifford Roblee (NEESinc)
Welcomes: Carol Shield (UMN), Ian Buckle (UNR), and Joy Pauschke (NSF)


On the Unique Nature of Collaborative Research
Moderator: Jay Berger (NEESinc)
-- Mehdi Saiidi (UNR): Collaborative Lessons Learned from a Pre-NEESR Bridge SFSI Project [presentation summary]
-- Roberto Leon (GIT): Collaborative Lessons from "Zipper Frame" Project at UB, GIT, CU, UCB, and FAMU [presentation summary]
-- Sri Sritharan (ISU): Collaborative Experience and Remote Participation in a Pre-NEESR Project on Nonrectangular Concrete Walls [presentation summary]
-- Jamison Steidl (UCSB): Lessons Learned From NEES and Pre-NEES Geotechnical Field Studies: The Challenges and Benefits of Doing Collaborative Research [presentation summary]



New NEES Resources for 2004-05
Moderator: Cynthia Steimle (NEESinc)
-- Roberto Leon (GT): Facility Users Guide [presentation summary]
-- Cherri Pancake (OSU/NACSE): Site Specifications Database [presentation summary]
-- Andrei Reinhorn (UB): Data Sharing Guidelines [presentation summary]
-- Jennifer OÂ’Rell (NEESinc): Project Initiation Processes
-- Clifford Roblee (NEESinc): Resource Webcasts
-- Thalia Anagnos (SJSU): EOT Strategic Plan [presentation summary]


Issue Forum 1: Coordination of Geographically-Distributed EOT Activities [background]
Moderator: Thalia Anagnos (SJSU)
Facilitator: Parshaw Vaziri (NEESinc)
Panelists: Leigh Abts (JHU); Richard Christenson (CSM); Eileen Crawford (OSU); and Bruce Kutter (UCB)


Lunch: with US-Japan (NIED) Presentations
Co-Moderators: Ian Buckle & Toru Hayama


Issue Forum 2: Concepts for, and Interest In, an Electronic Journal [background]
Moderator: Billie Spencer (UIUC)
Facilitator: Shannon Whitmore (NEESit/SDSC)
Panelists: Ricardo Dobry (RPI); Andrei Reinhorn (UB); Bozidar Stojadinovic (UCB); and Tim Warnock (NEESit/SDSC)


Issue Forum 3: Update IT Needs & Priorities for Researchers and Eq. Sites [background]
Moderator: John Bobbitt (POSC)
Facilitator: Jay Berger (NEESinc)
Panelists: Jerome Hajjar (UMN); Robert Nigbor (UCLA); Cherri Pancake (OSU/NACSE); Bahram Shahrooz (UC); Yael (Lelli) Van Den Einde (NEESit/SDSC); and Daniel Wilson (UCD)


Issue Forum 4: Mechanisms to Improve Research Implementation and Technology Transfer [background]
Moderator: Carl Stepp (COSMOS)
Facilitator: Clifford Roblee (NEESinc)
Panelists: Michael Keever (Caltrans); Ron Mayes (SGH); Joy Pauschke (NSF); and Jim St. Pierre (NIST)




Concurrent Open Breakout Discussions on Each Issue Forum
Breakout 1: Coordination of Geographically-Distributed EOT Activities
Breakout 2: Concepts for, and Interest In, an Electronic Journal
Breakout 3: Update IT Needs and Priorities for Researchers and Equipment Sites
Breakout 4: Mechanisms to Improve Research Implementation & Technology Transfer




Banquet & After-Dinner Presentation
Professor Murat Saatcioglu (University of Ottawa)
Engineering Significance of the December 26, 2004 Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami [presentation summary]

SATURDAY - MAY 14, 2005
8:00-9:30 am

Issue Forum Breakout Reports With Validation Polling
Moderator: Parshaw Vaziri (NEESinc)
-- Issue Forum 1 - Coordination of Geographically-Distributed EOT Activities (Anagnos) [summary] | [results]
-- Issue Forum 2 - Concepts for, and Interest In, an Electronic Journal (Spencer) [summary] | [results]
-- Issue Forum 3 - Update IT Needs and Priorities for Researchers and Equipment Sites (Bobbitt) [summary] | [results]
-- Issue Forum 4 - Mechanisms to Improve Research Implementation and Technology Transfer (Stepp) [summary] | [results]



Earth Sciences Special Session+ Panel Discussion & Audience Questions
Moderator: Clifford Roblee (NEESinc)
-- Paul Somerville (URS/SCEC): Why are Ground Motions so Variable? [presentation summary]
-- Nico Luco (USGS): The Effects of Time Histories on Inelastic Response [presentation summary]
-- Brian Chiou (Caltrans/PEER Lifelines Program): Resources for Selection & Characterization of Ground Motions [presentation summary]
-- Paul Somerville (URS/SCEC): Working Group Recommendations for Selection & Characterization of Time Histories for Experimental & Simulation-Based Engineering Studies [presentation summary]


NEESit: Summary of Recent Release and Future Plans
Speaker: Yael (Lelli) Van Den Einde (NEESit/SDSC) [presentation summary]


Lunch (with Concurrent Open Standing Committee Meetings)

Annual Business Meeting and Awards Ceremony
Speaker: Professor Ian Buckle (UNR) [awardees]


Summary Wireless Polling on the State and Direction of the NEES Consortium
Moderator: Cynthia Steimle (NEESinc)


Field Trip
Tour of MAST (Multi Axial Subassemblage Testing) Laboratory at the University of Minnesota.