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NEESacademy Facts

The NEESacademy is an excellent resource for teachers of all student ages to find engaging activities for classroom demonstrations or individual inquiry activities.

NEES plays a major role in developing next generation earthquake and tsunami engineers, offering education, outreach and training for K-16 students, graduate students, educators, and researchers.

Youngsters line up for the Make Your Own Earthquake activity in which their jump is measured by a seismograph.

NEESacademy also offers videos that young students may view that explain how scientists measure and describe earthquake magnitude, learn how engineers make buildings safe during an earthquake, see how a young designer builds a low-cost bridge to meet specifications, or visit QUAKEquest virtual world to use a virtual design room and museum to solve engineering challenges.

Virtual Poster Session User Interface

NEESacademy offers resources for teachers of engineering, science, mathematics and technology who are interested in using earthquakes and engineering as a context for learning. We offer activities to engage students in interesting inquiry and design processes, and resources to research them in more depth. These resources may be used from classroom demonstrations to individual inquiry activities. Educators of science, technology, engineering and mathematics are interested in meeting and exceeding state and National standards. The National Academies are working toward a new conceptual framework for science standards that will help align goals of K-12 education with higher education. NEES educators have used the context of earthquake science and engineering to organize a collection of learning experiences you can use with your students to meet science standards. 

This collection continues to grow and you can search for recent additions in the Academy Resources.

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2010 REU students at workshop at University of Nevada, Reno
The highly successful Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program offers upper division ndergraduate students a chance to work with NEES researchers on individual projects that contribute to the goals of an existing NEES research project or to developing cyberinfrastructure tools and educational modules.Professionals may access illuminating reports on research projects and their impact or participate in quality seminars and webinars sponsored by NEES affiliated projects and professional partnerships.

For more information, visit

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