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7th Annual NEES Centrifuge Research and Training Workshop

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7th Annual NEES Centrifuge Research and Training Workshop

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the 7th Annual NEES Centrifuge Research and Training Workshop, organized by RPI and UC Davis. This year the workshop will be held May 16-17that RPI. 

The first day of the workshop will include tours and lectures that will allow participants to explore and understand the capabilities of the centrifuge facilities and research opportunities using the NEES equipment (in-flight robot, 1D and 2D shakers, split container/shaker, and advanced instrumentation).The goals of the first day are to help participants prepare NEESR/NSF proposals, to introduce NEES data repository, and to give researchers an ability to plan research using this advance equipment once they are funded.The workshop will include presentations by centrifuge experts from RPI and UC Davis Centrifuge Facilities, as well as outside researchers.

The second day of the workshop will include demonstrations of NEES equipment. Topics will include the design and construction of centrifuge models, instrumentation, high-speed camera, data acquisitions systems, centrifuge and shaker operations, and in-flight robot systems.

We expect limited travel support will be available for workshop participants.Priority for receipt of funds will be given to:

  1. Faculty that are planning to submit or participate in the development of a proposal to use either of the NEES geotechnical centrifuges for NEESR or other research that qualifies as NEES shared-use.
  2. Faculty and research students who are currently funded by NSF and planning to perform NEESR or other NEES research using the NEES centrifuges.
  3. Other individuals interested in learning about the NEES facilities.


Please fill out the form Here.

(Registration is due on April 1, 2011.  If there is space, participants may be accepted later, but please note that previous workshops have been completely filled.)

Please send any questions regarding the workshop to Inthuorn Sasanakul (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).We thank you for your interest in learning about using the NEES centrifuge facilities and we look forward to seeing you at RPI in May.

Best Regards,

Inthuorn Sasanakul (RPI)
Dan Wilson (UC Davis)
Tarek Abdoun (RPI)
Ross Boulanger (UC Davis)
Ricardo Dobry (RPI)