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NEES Community Update - August 2013

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September 5
Deadline for completing the Quake Summit attendee survey

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December 11
Planning meeting for NEES/E-Defense Collaborative Earthquake Engineering Research Program

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July 21-25, 2014
Tenth U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering (10NCEE)

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Director's Letter

Reminder: NEES2 planning grants and data archiving

Currently, the NSF is in the process of announcing NEES2 planning grant awardees. Please keep in mind that under the solicitation NSF13-544, planning grant awardees must "include the plan for archiving all experimental data generated as part of the research in the NEES2 operations awardee's data repository, in accordance with the data archiving and curation policies to be announced and implemented by the NEES2 operations awardee.”

The Project Warehouse and the NEEShub are open for all earthquake engineering research data, including those coming from the NEES2 planning grants. The NEEScomm staff is ready to assist in creating new projects in the NEES Ops data repository, the Project Warehouse, until September 30,2014. Planning grant awardees may begin archiving their data and metadata now. The NSF provides more detailed information for planning grant awardees at the NEESR Planning Grants web page.

Rest assured that all data in the NEES Project Warehouse will be safely transitioned to the NEES2 data repository.

Julio Ramirez
NEES Chief Officer and NEEScomm Center Director

NEES projects available through the Data Citation Index

Research data from twelve curated and archived projects are now indexed and available through the Data Citation Index℠, a new initiative of the publishing house Thomson Reuters that is aimed at supporting discovery, access, citation, and attribution of digital resources - primarily research data. The metadata of the indexed datasets are accessible through the Web of Knowledge, a platform for information in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. The NEES data repository, the Project Warehouse, is one of the first repositories that provides the Data Citation Index with engineering research data. This is an exciting development that will help to discover NEES data outside of the NEEShub by the researchers all over the world.

Inclusion of records from the Project Warehouse in the Data Citation Index will:

•  Increase visibility of the data beyond the Project Warehouse

•  Increase the number of visits to the Project Warehouse, as the DCI links to the individual datasets (experiments)

•  Increase the impact of NEES researchers as their data will be more easily discoverable

•  Increase potential re-use of data in the Project Warehouse

This development nicely dovetails with the recent NEES initiative to assign a DOI to curated datasets in order to facilitate discovery and reuse. All datasets were assigned a DOI and had sufficient metadata that enabled their inclusion in the Data Citation Index. We were able to provide not only the required core metadata, but a great number of other fields that will eventually facilitate better discovery and linking of research metadata, publication and other research products.

Contact NEEScomm Data Curator Standa Pejša for details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Outstanding Service Awards: Winners

At this year's Quake Summit in Reno, the community recognized a small group of individuals who've made big contributions.

In the EOT category, Sandy Seale of UCSB was recognized for the Make Your Own Earthquake exhibit, which has introduced the characteristics of earthquake waves to thousands of kids and adults. Her contribution has been incorporated into 3 museum displays that have been actively used by more than 30,000 people.

We had two winners in the category of site operations and research support. The site-ops team from NEES@Buffalo was recognized for its exceptional support for the NEES Adaptive Structures Project. And the NEES@Berkeley site-ops team was recognized for its work with the project, Toward Rapid Return to Occupancy in Unbraced Steel Frames. Accepting the awards on behalf of their teams were Mark Pitman of Buffalo and Selim Gunay of UC Berkeley.

Also, for outreach and dissemination of NEES research, Benson Shing of UCSD, Jeff Berman of University of Washington, and John van de Lindt of Colorado State were honored for their efforts as the co-editors of the ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering Special Issues. Titled "NEES 1, Advances in Earthquake Engineering," the July and August issues contain 28 papers detailing outcomes of important NEES research, significant contributions to technology transfer and the mission of NEES.

The awards ceremony also recognized Purdue graduate students Ali Ozdogli and Amin Maghareh for designing the best model in the simulation competition.

View the 2013 Quake Summit Winners' Circle here.

NEES-Soft testing makes headlines

On Saturday August 17, Professor John van de Lindt (Colorado State) and a team of researchers from five universities conducted the final testing in their study of soft-story woodframe buildings. The last test in the series was on the unretrofitted building with all of the previous four retrofits removed. The objective was to determine the margin against collapse and allow validation of a collapse model developed as part of the project.

The video footage of the dramatic collapse is available here.

The NEES-Soft project and its final building test was covered by multiple publications, including the San Diego Union Tribune, The Coloradoan, Gizmodo,, La Cronica (Baja California), La Razón (La Paz, Bolivia), and other papers in Mexico, South America, Italy, and Germany.

Hybrid simulation workshop at Quake Summit to draw roadmap

One of the hybrid simulation workshops at Quake Summit was aimed at developing an HS roadmap for the NEES network. Led by Profs. Shirley Dyke and Narutoshi Nakata, the 24 participants discussed topics such as developing a user guide/dictionary; communicating clear messages about HS; acceptance criteria; framework development; data exchanges and cybersecurity; and NEEShub/visualization needs. The group also talked about the NEEShub infrastructure requirements for supporting the HS/RTHS communities.

Most especially, the group brainstormed about the types of scientific breakthroughs that would be possible with broader access to HS testing methods.

In the near future, workshop leaders will report on the discussion outcomes documenting plans for the road ahead in hybrid simulation for the NEES network.

Q and A with project blogger Kara Peterman

A blog may be the simplest, most effective way to disseminate information about engineering research projects.

A fine example is the CFS-NEES blog run by Kara Peterman, a PhD candidate in structural engineering who's been providing lively, informative commentary on the light-weight and cold-formed steel project in Buffalo. In her posts she typically includes excellent photos and video.

For insights on the blogging process we interviewed Kara, who offers some excellent, experienced advice. Click here to read our short Q&A with Kara Peterman. And be sure to catch her bittersweet farewell blog post on the CFS-NEES project.

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