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NEES Beyond 2014: Follow-Up

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NEES Beyond 2014: Follow-Up



Please participate in the Science and Technology Policy Institute/IDA (STPI) feedback and provide your input :

The NSF 10-071 Dear Colleague Letter on Plans for the Future of Earthquake Engineering Research Infrastructure Support beyond 2014 ( describes two studies sponsored by NSF during 2011 to assist with future planning of earthquake engineering research infrastructure beyond 2014.

To develop the next-generation earthquake engineering research agenda and research infrastructure needs beyond 2014, NSF provided support to the National Academy of Sciences, under award CMMI-1047519, to convene a National Research Council (NRC) committee, under the NRC's Division on Earth and Life Studies, Board on Earth Sciences and Resources, to organize a community workshop on the Grand Challenges for earthquake engineering research. The workshop was convened in March 2011 bringing together experts to identify:

(1) The high-priority Grand Challenges in basic earthquake engineering research that require a network of earthquake engineering experimental facilities and cyberinfrastructure; and

(2) The networked earthquake engineering experimental capabilities and cyberinfrastructure tools required to address these Grand Challenges.

An uncorrected copy .pdf, or prepublication (uncorrected proof of the report) from the final report: Grand Challenges in Earthquake Engineering Research: A Community Workshop Report, is now available. To download please go to:

The National Academies publish prepublications to facilitate timely access to the committee's findings.

The second study, conducted by the Science and Technology Policy Institute/IDA (STPI), a NSF Federally Funded Research and Development Center, is building upon and complementing the National Academies study described above.

As part of the second study, NSF has tasked the Science and Technology Policy Institute (STPI) to gather feedback from the community regarding earthquake engineering grand challenges, networked research infrastructure needs, and community data standards. To do this, STPI has developed a community forum to gather your input and opinions.  This feedback will be provided to NSF anonymously to help it think strategically about the future of earthquake engineering research infrastructure beyond 2014.

Please participate in this important process and to provide input, go to:

The National Academies Workshop Report, The 2020 Vision for Earthquake Engineering Research Report ( ), and the NEES Self-Study Report  ( are key resources available to assist you through your participation in the process.