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Discover Engineering Family Day, Washington DC on Saturday, February 22, 2014

Once again, NEES educators and student ambassadors participated in Discover Engineering Family Day, which took place in Washington DC on Saturday, February 22. Nearly 10,000 visitors were able to participate in hands-on engineering-themed activities.

Over 20 NEES student ambassadors, under the leadership of Professor Claudia Marin from Howard University and Professor Monique Head from Morgan State University, used the NEES mini-wave tank to teach families about tsunamis and tsunami mitigation.

The NEES booth also featured a mini shake table that gave festival visitors hands-on experience constructing and shaking model buildings. Howard engineering students helped kids assemble test structures with marshmallows as connectors.

The annual event, part of February's Engineers Week, takes place at the National Building Museum, an institution devoted to the history and impact of the built environment. The museum celebrates American architecture, design and engineering.