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First earthquake engineering data papers published


To facilitate and promote research data reuse, the NEES community is working with the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute to advance the concept of an earthquake engineering data paper. It is a formal academic entity, curated data with an assigned DOI, that can be published and cited.

As a result, research data are now a legitimate research product, and curated data with an assigned DOI can be published and cited as part of the scholarly record.

Datasets no longer need be mere supplements to research publications; now they are standalone academic accomplishments. Providing access to data underlying a publication is no longer simply good practice; in many disciplines it is increasingly common to cite the data that support the research argument. Published data also are a great vehicle for fast transfer of knowledge from researcher to the practitioners.

The concept makes its debut in the May issue of Earthquake Spectra, where the first earthquake engineering data papers appear. Each paper provides key details about publicly available data and guidance for reusing it:

1. The Global Earthquake History [abstract]

Albini, Paola; Musson, Roger M.W.; Gomez Capera, Antonio A.; Locati, Mario; Rovida, Andrea; Stucchi, Massimiliano; Viganò, Daniele; (2013): GEM Global Historical Earthquake Archive; GEM Foundation, Pavia, Italy. DOI: 10.13117/GEM.DATASET.GHEA-V1.0

2. A Seismic Retrofit Cost Database for Buildings with a Framed Structure [abstract]

Reza Jafarzadeh; Jason M. Ingham; Suzanne Wilkinson (2013), "A Database for Seismic Retrofit Construction Cost of Concrete and Steel Framed Schools in Iran," Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (distributor), Dataset, DOI: 10.4231/D3959C774

3. Dynamic Response of a Model Levee on Sherman Island Peat: A Curated Data Set [abstract]

Edward Reinert, Jonathan Stewart, R.E.S. Moss, Sean Ahdi, Scott Brandenberg (2013).Evaluation of Seismic Levee Deformation Potential by Destructive Cyclic Field Testing.Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES)(distributor), Datasets, DOIs:10.4231/D3SF2MB8910.4231/D3J09W43H10.4231/D3D79599410.4231/D34Q7QQ2B,10.4231/D38G8FH6G10.4231/D30Z70W8Z10.4231/D3NP1WJ45

The NEEShub Project Warehouse provides a standardized format for data citations and for crediting research teams. 

Many thanks to the research teams who provided such high-quality data!

And for developing and formalizing this milestone data-paper effort, the community appreciates the dedication of NEEScomm co-PI and Earthquake Spectra Editorial Board member Ellen Rathje from the University of Texas, Austin and NEEShub Data Curator Standa Pejša from Purdue University.