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ESG4 Conference@UCSB

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August 23 - 26, 2011

University of California, Santa Barbara

The 4th Symposium of the International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior (IASPEI) and the International Association of Earthquake Engineering (IAEE) on the Effects of Surface Geology on Seismic Motion (ESG4) will be held at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) from August 23 - 26, 2011.

Papers submitted to the symposium will be presented in poster sessions each day. Each person who registers for the Symposium will receive the published volume of papers on CD-ROM. Abstracts are welcome on the following topics:

  • Strong motion data and processing techniques
  • Nonlinearity in soils
  • Liquefaction
  • Micro tremor techniques
  • Site surveys
  • Numerical simulations
  • Empirical estimates of ground motion
  • Case studies of ground motion
  • Boreholes array studies
  • Vs30 and other predictors of site response for seismic hazard
  • General site response

Please visit abstract submission instruction for more information. Abstract due date is April 25, 2011.

The Symposium at UCSB will consist of 16 plenary sessions and a half-day workshop on borehole seismology. The invited plenary speakers include an international group of scientists and engineers who will speak on diverse topics from the state-of-the-art of ground motion research and practice.

For additional symposium information, please consult ESG4 Conference@UCSB.