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NEES Community Update - January 2015
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Jan. 24
EERI Data Collection Training Workshop, UCLA 

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March 31 - April 3
2015 EERI Annual Meeting, Boston

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May 17 - 20
12th North American Masonry Conference, Denver

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Director's Letter

Welcome to 2015!

With testing at the NEES sites under the cooperative agreement complete, operations are now focused on closing award business and maintaining the NEEShub. The IT team has completed curation of experimental data from NEESR and shared-use projects. This activity, authorized by NSF’s extension to the NEES Ops award, enables NEEScomm to maintain cyberinfrastructure operations and transition it to the next NSF-appointed cyberinfrastructure awardee. This transition will take place by May 31, 2015, as part of the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure, or  NHERI, announced in the solicitation NSF 14-605:

Our January newsletter features highlights of the NEES Information Technology efforts.

Just a reminder, the NEES email list will remain active until May 2015, as NEES officially transitions to NHERI. We’ll also continue publishing a Community Update newsletter, at slightly extended intervals of 6-8 weeks until then.  

Best regards!

Julio Ramirez
NEES Chief Officer and NEEScomm Center Director

Project Warehouse UpdateProject Warehouse Update

As of December 2014, NEES data curation for the Project Warehouse has resulted in over 20.5TB of reusable publicly available data, which equates to more than 1.6 million files.

Thanks to everyone who completed their data curation and uploads on schedule.



Did you know that between June 2012 and December 2014, the NEES award minted more than 700 digital object identifiers (DOIs) for data?

By establishing results of NEESR simulations and experiments as citable sources, NEEScomm -- and NEES researchers -- are on the forefront of the academic movement to ensure that experimental data is readily available for re-use as a bonafide contribution to the research community.

NEES Project WarehouseProject Warehouse Freeze

As we approach the transition period to NHERI, the NEEScomm IT team is preparing to “freeze” the NEEShub data repository (Project Warehouse) component of the NEEShub and make it “read and download only,” so its contents can be properly and securely transferred to the next awardee.

The freeze, which is temporary, will affect only the NEEShub’s Project Warehouse. During the transitional freeze, users will no longer be allowed to add or change data or metadata in the data repository.

The NEES user community will, however, still be able to download any data during this freeze period. In fact, users will have access to everything else on the NEEShub, such as tools, resources, and other content.

At present, it is unknown when the award transition and Project Warehouse freeze will take place. As soon as the Project Warehouse is frozen, however, NEEScomm will display a banner at the top of the pages reminding the users the Project Warehouse is in “read only” mode.

We apologize if this causes any inconvenience. As good stewards of the NEES data, we need to take this action to guarantee that NEEShub data transfers properly and without issue or loss of data.

Hybrid SimulationNew Hybrid Simulation Resources on the NEEShub

In its effort to encourage and standardize the use of hybrid simulation (HS) techniques in earthquake engineering, the NEES Hybrid Simulation Task Force recently released two items: a summary of HS assessment measures and a companion toolkit for computing values of widely used assessment measures.

Hybrid Simulation: A Discussion of Current Assessment Measures 

This assessment document gives users a) an overview of the current state of the technology, b) a definition of a successful hybrid simulation, and c) information on factors that affect the quality of hybrid simulation experiments. [View on the NEEShub]

Toolkit for Hybrid Simulations (Current Assessment Measures) 

The Matlab toolkit enables researchers to readily compute the values of standard assessment measures, which can be used to evaluate the fidelity of a hybrid simulation. [Downloadable from the NEEShub]

Another valuable resource for new HS users is the Hybrid Simulation Primer and Dictionary. The primer includes a general introduction to the HS framework, its components, its capabilities, and the procedures for performing simulations. [Downloadable from the NEEShub.]

-- The NEES Hybrid Simulation Task Force

Narutoshi Nakata (chair), Shirley J. Dyke, Jian Zhang, Gilberto Mosqueda, Xiaoyun Shao, Hussam Mahmoud, Monique H. Head, Michael Erwin Bletzinger, Richard Christenson, Patrick Laplace, Wei Song, Yunbyeong Chae, Gemez A. Marshall, Ge (Gaby) Ou, Cheng Song, and Carlos Andres Riascos

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