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Johns Hopkins wins nearly $1M to study effects of earthquakes

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Johns Hopkins Wins nearly $1M Multi-Year Award to Study Effects of Earthquakes

Johns Hopkins University has been awarded a $923,000 multi-year award from the National Science Foundation to study the effects of earthquakes on buildings. The three-year study will focus on how seismic forces affect mid-rise steel buildings up to nine stories high, and search for a design solution to minimize or eliminate damage. Dr. Benjamin Schafer, Baltimore University’s Whiting School of Engineering, will serve as the study’s project investigator (PI). Schafer’s team will test building components and structural designs in a structural engineering lab at Johns Hopkins and develop associated computer models geared to predict how well they will withstand earthquake forces.

In the third year of the study, the team will conduct full-scale multi-story, steel-framed building experiments on NEES@Buffalo shake tables.