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NEES Community Update - June 2014
Research News
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Upcoming Events & Deadlines

July 21-25
10NCEE meeting, Anchorage, Alaska

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Sept. 28 - Oct. 1
3rd Annual Conference on Urban Disaster Reduction

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Director's Letter


As we approach the deadline for completion of all NEES research testing at the sites by September 30, 2014, it is important to keep front and center the priorities of safe completion of the testing, uploading of experimental data and curation of experiments and projects in the Project Warehouse. NEES professional staff at the laboratories and the NEEScomm Center are eager to assist you and support your efforts towards the successful completion of the research.

For more information and details, please visit the NEES Site Schedule and Curation Status page on the NEEShub

To see the multi-year schedule for each site, please click on the schedule link under the site name. To download an excel spreadsheet with filters that contains all projects in the NEES network, please click on the link under “All Sites." If you are interested in the curation status of individual sites, please click on the link "Curation Status" under each facility.

If you have questions or concerns about safety, project scheduling or curation, contact NEEScomm Site Operations Director Dann Parker (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), NEEScomm IT Director Brian Rohler (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or NEEScomm Data Curator Standa Pejša (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Have a wonderful summer and see you in Anchorage for the 10NCEE/EERI Annual Meeting and Quake Summit!

Thank you!

Julio Ramirez
NEES Chief Officer and NEEScomm Center Director

Full NEES program now available at the Quake Summit website

The recently updated Quake Summit website is now packed with program details.

Take a few moments to visit the Quake Summit 2014 site to plan your week in Anchorage.

The Quake Summit website now includes:


  • the complete agenda for NEES Day (July 24),
  • the full list of NEES-related presentations, and
  • the agenda for the NEES REU program at 10NCEE.

See you in Alaska!

Outstanding Contributor Awards

Nomination deadline extended for Outstanding Contributor Awards  

Over the past five years, the NEES community has witnessed the efforts from amazing and inspiring researchers, professors, students, technicians, and developers.

Now is the time to nominate these special individuals for the annual NEES Outstanding Contributor Award. Note that this year nominations may cover activities occurring from 2009 to 2014.

The six award categories are --

  • Education, Outreach, & Training
  • Site operations and research support
  • NEES projects
  • NEES IT tools and resources
  • Project curation
  • Undergraduate or graduate student

Category details and a nomination form are on the NEEShub.


Winners will be recognized at Quake Summit.

Ken Elwood

NEES retrospective to debut

To commemorate 10 years of the NEES research and innovation, NEES researchers, sites and NEEScomm have worked together to develop a retrospective document called “NEES: A Decade of Earthquake Engineering.” The full-color publication, over 150 pages in length, provides a window into the vibrant collaborative milieu in which dedicated researchers, educators, and professional staff endeavored to produce and preserve high-impact research. Review boards consisting of researchers and practicing engineers examined information about the hundreds of research projects conducted over the past ten years. After careful evaluation, the review boards selected the projects now presented in each section. We wish to express our deepest appreciation for the dedicated work of the members of the review boards and the principal investigators who contributed to the project descriptions included in the publication. Each project description received approval by the corresponding project PI.

It is important to note that, for a given investigation, it typically takes years for impacts to be felt. As the advances in earthquake engineering continue, the influence of the entire NEES community will be recognized for decades to come, and undoubtedly, other, ongoing NEES projects will join the numbers of those described in these pages.

At Quake Summit the paperback will be available at the NEEScomm booth, and the electronic version will appear on the 10NCEE/Quake Summit thumb-drive.

Look for it!

Abbie Liel & Greg Deierlein

Curation training at Quake Summit

During the Quake Summit meeting, NEEScomm will provide curation training at the NEES booth, located in exhibitor space #34. (See venue map.)

From Tuesday morning, July 22, through Thursday afternoon, July 24, NEEScomm data curation experts will be on-hand for one-on-one and small-group training sessions.

Users may sign up for specific times in advance, so they won’t miss out on key technical sessions.

  • Bring data on a thumb drive if you need help uploading data.
  • Data curation brochures will be available at the booth.

Questions? Contact Brian Rohler (NEEScomm IT Director) or Standa Pejsa (NEEScomm Data Curator).


Moving shake table into place

NEES at Reno dedicates its new lab facility

On June 24, the Earthquake Engineering Lab at the University of Nevada, Reno, celebrated the official opening its new building. Event attendees were treated to a tour of the five-story, 24,500 square-foot lab space housing 5 shake tables.

At left, see a shake table lowered into place. Click here for a wide angle view of the lab floor.

“Our facility is unique worldwide,” said UNR’s engineering college dean, Manos Maragakis, speaking at the dedication ceremony. “We will test new designs and materials that will improve our homes, hospitals, offices and highway systems,” he added.

The next big experiment, a large-scale bridge-bent testled by University of Washington-based PI John Stanton, takes place July 14 and 15.  Stay tuned for media coverage of this shake table test.

REU speakers Faith Silva (left) and Karly Rager

REU award winners to speak at Quake Summit

The 2013 REU Best Project winners Faith Silva, (BS, UC San Diego) and Karly Rager, (BS, Colorado State) will address the 2014 REU cohort at Quake Summit.

At the Tuesday afternoon program organized by the EERI Student Leadership on Silva and Rager will discuss their work on the NEES-Soft project. 

Testing a model at the 2011 competition.

Grad student leaders organize design competition at 10NCEE

The EERI Student Leadership Council (SLC) is busy coordinating details for the annual Seismic Design Competition, which takes place this year at the 10NCEE meeting in Anchorage. 

The three-day event gives competitive undergraduates from prestigious engineering programs an opportunity to design and construct the most cost-effective and earthquake-resistant structure possible.  The balsa-wood structures should be designed to maximize floor space while minimizing seismic damage when exposed to three pre-determined ground motions.

The event continues to grow in popularity. Last year, 200 undergraduates on 36 teams participated, representing 32 national and 4 international universities. The competition is largely funded by FEMA and CSI, who have been major supporters of this pursuit since 2004, along with many prominent engineering organizations around the country. 

The competition generates substantial interest from academics and professionals, who act as judges, engage with students, and even purchase sponsorships for particular balsa-wood structures during the preceding fundraiser auction.  This year, a special session will be held in conjunction with the Seismic Design Competition aimed at providing the undergraduates in attendance a look at post-graduation professional and research opportunities.  

The SLC consists of 27 graduate students from acclaimed earthquake engineering schools around the country (along with 2 international members), including UC Berkeley, Stanford, Cornell, UC Davis, University of Notre Dame, Purdue University, Georgia Tech and UC San Diego.


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