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NEEScomm IT Upgrades for Project Display, Project Editor and PEN (Project Explorer for NEES)

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NEEScomm IT Upgrades for Project Display, Project Editor and PEN (Project Explorer for NEES)

The NEEScomm IT Team is pleased to announce upgrades for the Project Display and for the two main tools used to modify Project Warehouse data – the Project Editor and PEN (Project Explorer for NEES). Here is a summary of the changes:

Project Display

  1. The Data tab has been replaced by the File Browser tab. The File Browser tab allows direct viewing access to system-created directories, user created directories, and all files within both types of directories for a given Project, Experiment, Trial, or Repetition.
  2. Project Documentation and Analysis – these folders/files are now viewable from the main page of a project
  3. Experiment Documentation and Analysis – these folders/files are now viewable from the main page of an experiment
  4. Project photos – Similar to experiment photos, project level photos are now viewable through a link that will open another page showing thumbnails of the project photos
  5. Sensor location files – sensor location files can now be downloaded by going to the Sensors field on the main experiment page. Click the link for the desired location plan. If the file is available, the download link will display on the right just above the sensor locations.

Project Editor

  1. Access to newly created experiments – by default, all Project team members are given access to a new experiment when it is created. To customize member access to an experiment, edit the Experiment/Members tab
  2. Sensor Location Upload – the sensor location upload has been modified. On the Experiment --> Sensors tab, click Upload Sensors after selecting the desired location plan. A popup window will open. Links to the current required fields and sensor types are new to the sensor upload form. Also, the name of the coordinate space for the experiment is listed. Finally, the template has been modified to include several new fields (serial number and calibrations). The popup window has a link for downloading the latest template.
  3. Project Videos and Project Photos - Project videos and Project photos tabs have been added to allow the addition of videos and photos associated to the overall Project
  4. Editing Video Metadata – In Project --> Videos and Experiment --> Videos, an Edit link is now available next to each video file. This link allows editing of video metadata
  5. Editing trials and repetitions – In the Experiments-Data tab click Edit/Add Trial or Edit/Add Repetition to edit trials or repetitions. When adding a trial, typing into the title field will initiate the suggestion of titles by using titles from previously created trials. Clicking on an existing trial will allow editing of that trial and associated metadata

PEN (Release 1.1)

  1. mproved Performance - Significantly faster connection time for medium to large projects. This is accomplished by not creating nodes in the tree for existing warehouse files. If you need file information for existing warehouse files, there will be a new right click action to “Get File Information”. And of course you will get all file information for any component that you download.
  2. Download Metadata streamlined - The “download project information” requirement and button have been eliminated. This was formerly called “download metadata”. All necessary information will be obtained when a local directory is connected to the Project Warehouse.
  3. Native Look and Feel - Native look and feel for MacOS and Windows platforms. This is most apparent when using the File Import tab to drag and drop files from the local workstation to new files in PEN. The local File Import looks more like a native directory and file browser.
  4. Elimination of Main Menu - Elimination of the menu menu. The purpose of the menu menu was for users with a one-button mouse who did not know how to invoke a right click. The main menu was always a copy of the right click menu for selected objects.
  5. Project Warehouse Structure Mapping - Mapping to recent minor updates to the Project Warehouse directory structure. This update is currently available in the screenshots at PEN Project Explorer for NEES (PEN 1.1.7).
  6. Resolved Tickets - 26 support tickets have been resolved, many are related to usability of the tool.