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NEEShub code release to kick off the holiday season

Posted in Announcements

The NEEScomm IT team announces a NEEShub code release to kick off the holiday season.

RDV (Real-Time Data Viewer)

This release, developed by Drew Daugherty from University of Minnesota, contains significant new features for viewing 3D data and images, including new Krypton Viewer and High Resolution Image data panels. Support was also added for browsing and importing data files directly from NEEShub. A number of improvements have also been added in addition to a few bug fixes.

    New Features added to RDV
  • Tabbed main panel to support multiple docking areas for data panels
  • Filmstrip mode for video/photo data panel stacks images to use more of the data panel area
  • High Resolution Image Data Panel added to support sparsely acquired image data from still cameras
  • Krypton Viewer Data Panel added to support visualization of 3D data from Krypton optical measurement systems
  • Save/restore setup from RBNB server
  • Disable local channel mode to lower memory consumption when graphing large quantities of data
  • Browsing and direct import of data files from NEEShub

  • Enhancements to RDV
  • Enhanced playback speed
  • Charts can now override the global time range
  • XY charts may now contain multiple plots using the same channel
  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Drop data feature now only applies to Image viewer and Tabular data panel visualizations

  • Bug Fixes made for RDV
  • XY chart corruption when playback rate is high
  • Chart jitter when data sources are not time-synchronized

Users who run RDV from NEEShub will automatically have access to the most recent version. Users who run RDV from their local machine should re-download the latest version of RDV (2.2) from the RDV Supporting Docs page.

PEN (Project Explorer for NEES)

The PEN tool supports bulk upload/download of data to/from the Project Warehouse. Bug fixes have been made for the PEN Tool. Users who run PEN from NEEShub will automatically have access to the most recent version. Users who run PEN from their local machine should re-download the latest version of PEN (1.1.7) from the main Tools page.


NEESLive, a new webinar system providing one-to-many video and voice conferencing is now available from the Learning and Outreach --> For Professionals option in the blue menu bar. Registered NEEShub users may join webinars, listen, and ask questions via voice or real-time chat as a speaker presents slides, videos, and tutorials. This system will be used in an upcoming webinar to practitioners in January 2011.

NEESLive Highlights:

  1. Participants must be logged on to NEEShub to use this feature
  2. Participants or the speaker can either chat or use voice to interact with the speaker
  3. The speaker can share his/her desktop during the conference/webinar
  4. For best results, cable or high-speed internet are recommended
  5. Prospective speakers should submit a support ticket to request hosting a conference/webinar using NEESLive

About NEES

The 'About NEES' content has been significantly revised and updated. This information may be accessed from the 'About NEES' link in the upper right portion of any NEEShub window.


A centralized location for Cybersecurity information is now available from the Explore option in the blue menu bar. Select Explore --> Cybersecurity to view.

Resource Discovery

Resource Discovery is a new interface to contribute and manage high volume resources designed for large events. This feature will enable NEEShub to host hundreds of resources from contributors while providing a method for new contributors to add their own resources as well. This feature also works for existing NEEShub content by making it easier to find related resources and activities, and also speed up future resource creation by allowing users to use this interface to present new resources.

To access Resource Discovery:

  1. Logon to NEEShub with your User ID and Password
  2. Go to Learning and Outreach -> For Professionals -> CMMI (Exclusively for the CMMI conference)
  3. Alternatively, the high volume resource contribution interface will be available from Tools and Resources -> (ANY RESOURCE TYPE*) -> Try the new Resource Discovery → link on the right. (* any option under the Tools and Resources above the black dotted line)

Resource Discovery Highlights:

  1. The Taglist of the complete Resource set is displayed at the top of the page and the size of the tag text indicates the usage of the tag
  2. Individual resource tags are displayed under the specific resource
  3. Users can create their own picklist from the available resources
  4. Resources added to the picklist are displayed with a green outline
  5. Resources can be removed from the picklist
  6. There is no upper limit on the number of resources in a single picklist
  7. Each picklist is provided with a unique URL that can be shared by the person creating the picklist
  8. Users can toggle between viewing the abstract of the resource and the thumbnail by clicking on “more info”
  9. Complete details of the resource can be obtained by clicking on the link below the image
  10. Users are allowed to add one thumbnail image to their resource

Tool Renamed

The tool previously named 'MAE Center Finite Element Analysis Software' contributed by UIUC has been renamed to 'ZEUS-NL.'