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NEEScomm IT announces NEEShub Release 3

NEEScomm IT announces Release 3 of NEEShub.  Please see below for details.

1) Hubzero Upgrade

The Hubzero platform serves as the foundation of NEEShub by providing basic functionality such as Groups, Wish List, and Tickets.  This release includes an upgraded version of the Hubzero platform.  The most obvious change will be within the Groups functionality.  A group can now be, in effect, a customizable mini website within NEEShub, complete with calendaring, messaging, wikis, discussion forums, and blogs, as well as multimedia materials such as embedded videos and slideshows.


2) Project Editor - Team Members tab

The Team Members tab within the Project Editor has been modified to integrate with the new Groups functionality for Project Groups that are created for each Project Warehouse project.  Basically, the membership of the Project and the Project Group can only be controlled from the Team Members tab in the Project Editor.  For each member of the group, two check box options have been added; one to control if a member should have access to the Group and another to control if a member should be the manager of the Group.  By default, each team member has access to the Project Group; to remove someone from the Project Group, they must also be removed from the Project itself.  In order to take advantage of new Group functionality, the Project PI and IT Administrators have been made managers of the Group. 

3) Project Editor/Warehouse - file icons (required by NEEScomm Data Curator) 

In the Project Editor Documentation folders and the Project Warehouse File Browser, files added by the NEEScomm team are now designated with a small NEES icon.  These files are typically used for data visualization and have been approved by the Project PI.

4) Project Editor/Warehouse - Facilities/Organizations (Wish #234)

In the Project Editor and Project Warehouse at the Project and Experiment levels, the Organization and Facilities drop down boxes have additional values available that include non-NEES sites.  NEES facilities are identified with the NEES logo.  Note that non-NEES facilities will not have equipment displayed in the Equipment drop down list but NEES facilities will.

5) Project Editor/Warehouse - Executive Summary (requested by CRC)

In the Project Editor an Executive Summary file can be added optionally for each project.  Once it is added through the Project Editor, a link to this file is then displayed in the Project Warehouse.

6) Simulation Landing page (requested by Simulation Sub Committee)

A new Simulation option has been added to the blue menu bar.  The Simulation menu choice will invoke a Simulation Landing page with options including Computational Models (a new resource type), a Simulation wiki, and quick links to popular Simulation programs.

7) OSG submit for OpenSees Jobs (Wish #179)

NEEShub now has the capability to launch OpenSees jobs to the Open Science Grid (OSG).  This first iteration supports a command-line submit from the Workspace tool; future enhancements will allow for a user-interface driven submit capability.  Access to the Workspace tool can be obtained by submitting a support ticket.

More details on the OSG submit can be found at this dedicated wiki -->

8) Database in Release 3 (Journal Article Database)

A new database resources is included in this release.  It can be found within the Project Warehouse --> Databases option in the blue menu bar.  This database was initiated through NEEScomm's partnership with the Journal of Earthquake Engineering to share published data that will support new discoveries and greater resilience of our communities to earthquakes.  Authors receiving notification of an accepted manuscript are invited to share the data that was used to create figures and tables in the document.  The Journal Article Database allows users to download the data, manipulate the data using inDEED, and link to the Journal site that hosts the published article.

9) PEN (Project Explorer for NEES)

PEN has a number of enhancements in this release.  Note: PEN 1.3 must be downloaded to replace prior versions of PEN.

1) A new and significantly faster method has been employed for connecting PEN to Project Warehouse data.  This should greatly improve performance when PEN initially launches for a project

2) Specimens, components and material are now supported for upload/download to/from PEN

3) Minor look and feel changes in addition to a new button that will list all projects/project numbers

4) The Windows installer now creates a shortcut on the Start --> All Programs menu.  PEN will no longer create a desktop icon with the Windows installation.

5) Perl is no longer required software for the installation of PEN

6) For more information , see

10) NEESacademy

NEESacademy has been updated with new functionality, content, and a new appearance.  It has been enhanced to be easier to navigate and therefore will better communicate the exciting educational content that the NEES network provides. 

11) Policies and Procedures (requested by NEEScomm Site Ops)

Under the About NEES blue bar menu option, the Shared Use Partnering Policy has been removed.


12) Equipment Site Calendars (requested by NEEScomm Site Ops)

 Under the Sites blue bar menu option, the Site Activities --> Site Equipment Schedules tab has been modified.  The Site Google calendars have been replaced with links to pdf files showing a given site's availability.

Any questions regarding Release 3 or NEEShub in general can be directed to Dawn Weisman (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Rajesh Thyagarajan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).