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NEEScomm IT announces NEEShub Release 4.5

The NEEScomm IT Team is proud to announce NEEShub Release 4.5.  Release highlights are described below.

November 14, 2012

NEEShub Release 4.5 - November 14, 2012

The NEEScomm IT Team announces NEEShub Release 4.5.  Release enhancements along with the source of the enhancement request are described below.

Figure 1 – scrollable, clickable tabular display of trials, repetitions and folders

Project Warehouse

Project Warehouse Usability Improvements (Wish #275 and Usability Study findings)

  • From the tab for an Experiment, a scrollable, clickable tabular display of trials, repetitions, and folders (shown in the red rectangle in Figure 1) has been added to decrease the number of mouse clicks required to retrieve data.
  • Float-over Help information, designated by a ‘?’ has been added to numerous text fields to describe their purpose.



Figure 3 – DOI creation checkbox
Figure 2 – on screen help instructions

Project Warehouse

Project Warehouse Download Enhancements (NSF Site Visit findings)

  • In order to better track data reuse within the Project Warehouse, users requesting to download Project Warehouse data files will be asked to login if they have not recently logged in.
  • To better support data reuse, a system-generated file will be downloaded along with the data files. This file contains an acknowledgement and a citation in recommended formats for data downloads in anticipation of their reuse.

Project Editor Usability Improvements

  • On screen instructions as shown in the red rectangle in Figure 2 have been added to each major tab in the Project Editor to describe the purpose of the tab. (Wish #275 and Usability Study findings)
Figure 4 – Project selection within Project Editor
  • DOI (Digital Object Identifier) creation can now be requested by users with edit capability for a given project/experiment.  As shown in Figure 3, the bottom of the experiment Curation Dashboard has a check box available to request a DOI at the same time as requesting the start of curation for the experiment. (Internal requirement)
    • Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are unique character strings used to permanently identify electronic data, files, or documents for the purpose of long-term data curation and accessibility.
  • A drop-down menu is available from the Project Editor page, allowing the user to select an existing project for editing. This is shown in Figure 4. (Wish #164)

Project Warehouse Search Enhancements

  • The Project Warehouse Search has an auto load capability as you get to the bottom of the results.






Figure 5 – Copy Specimen functionality in PEN

PEN (Project Explorer for NEES)

PEN Version 2.1 Enhancements

  • The Copy and Paste functionality in PEN has been enhanced to include  Specimen, Component and Material objects (Figure 5). (Wish #396)
  • A feature to resume PEN uploads after interruption has been added.  (Wish #330)









Figure 6 – Tool Metrics tab


Tool Metrics (Internal requirement)

  • A number of New Tools metrics are available from Explore NEEShub -> Usage Metrics, Tools tab (Figure 6). This tab allows the user to select a tool data element and a time period over which to report for that tool data element.
Figure 7 – Project Warehouse Metrics tab












Figure 8 – Individual Tool Usage page

Project Warehouse Metrics tab (Internal requirement)

  • New metrics related to Project Warehouse data are available from Explore NEEShubèUsage Metrics, Project Warehouse tab (Figure 7). This tab allows the user to select a Project Warehouse data element and a time period over which to report for that data element.
  • The metrics include Top Five Downloaded Projects, Top Five Downloaded Experiments, Top Five Projects by Views, and Top Five Experiments by Views.








Downloadable Tools Metric (Internal requirement)

  • A new metric has been added to the individual Tool Usage page for each downloadable tool showing the number of times the tool has been downloaded. (Figure 8)













Figure 9 – Submit my Journal Article button

Miscellaneous Improvements

Databases Enhancement (Wish #409)

  • Two existing Databases, the Journal of Engineering and the ACI databases, have a new button (shown in Figure 9) that will allow users to enter basic information to initiate the addition of a journal article to either database. Once the basic information is entered, someone from NEEScomm will contact the user for additional details.
Figure 10 – Citations Filtering capability










Figure 11 – New NEEShub login screen

Citations improvements (NSF Site Visit findings)

  • The Citation import process was enhanced to allow multiple citations to be imported in both BibTex and Endnote formats.
  • Search and filtering capabilities to support selective display and export for Citations was added (Figure 10).
  • Functionality was added to automatically create a Citation when a Publication is added to the Project Warehouse.














Hubzero Base Code Update

  • In addition to work done by NEEScomm IT, this release contains work done by the Purdue Hubzero team to improve base functionality within the NEEShub.
    • The Login screen has a slightly different look but the same basic functionality (Figure 11).
    • The Group main page has been modified to have a format similar to the My NEEShub Profile page.
    • The Ticketing system has had significant cosmetic changes and has a new feature to create and store custom built queries.


For questions or concerns about Release 4.5, contact Dawn Weisman, NEEScomm IT Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.