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NEES TIPS / E-Defense Blind Analysis Contest Winners Announced



In a collaborative effort between the NEES TIPS project, NEES Nonstructural, and NIED in Japan, a 5-story steel moment frame building was subjected to extreme earthquake loading at E-Defense, the world’s largest three-dimensional shaking table in Miki City.

These tests were conducted to investigate a wide range of issues related to performance of primary and secondary structural systems and contents for both fixed-base and seismic isolated configurations. Isolation devices included both elastomeric and friction pendulum bearings. Nonstructural components included interior walls, ceilings, piping system, and concrete cladding panels.

These tests were conducted during the last two weeks of August, 2011.

Prof. Dimitrios Lignos of McGill University in Canada, receiving 1st Place Award for base isolated configuration from Prof. Kohji Tokimatsu, director of CUEE.

Dr. Yi-Jer Yu of NCREE in Taiwan, receiving 1st Place Award for fixed-base configuration from Prof. Kohji Tokimatsu, director of CUEE.

The Center for Urban Earthquake Engineering (CUEE) at the Tokyo Institute of Technology sponsored a Blind Analysis Contest as part of this full-scale experiment. Twenty-one teams from nine countries submitted predictions of the response before and after the tests. The contest was divided into two categories, and winners were selected for both isolated and fixed-base configurations. Each team was required to predict longitudinal and transverse peak floor displacements, floor accelerations, bi-directional isolator displacement, base shear, and mean roof spectral acceleration over a narrow frequency range. The actual earthquake table motion used for the contest was the Iwanuma Station record from the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, scaled to 100% for the isolated configuration and 70% for the fixed-base configuration.

CUEE is pleased to announce the contest winners for each category as follows (note 2nd Place for Base Isolated Configuration resulted in a tie):

Base Isolated Configuration

1st Place:  Dimitrios Lignos, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

2nd Place:   Yi-Jer Yu, National Center for Research in Earthquake Engineering, Taipei, Taiwan
Peter Lee, Mark Sarkisian, Chung-Soo Doo, Skidmore Owings and Merrill, San Francisco, USA

Fixed-Base Configuration

1st Place:    Yi-Jer Yu, National Center for Research in Earthquake Engineering (NCREE), Taipei, Taiwan

2nd Place:   Kazutaka Shirai, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan

3rd Place:   Wang Xi and Zhan Shu, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA

The contest organizers and CUEE thank all participants for their efforts, and extend warm congratulations to the winners in each category.

The digital data used to judge the contest is now available to interested persons on NEEShub. NEEShub users can access the data by joining the group “NEES TIPS/E-Defense Base Isolation Tests – Blind Analysis Contest”.