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Sample 3D Data Viewer Files Now Available from RPI

The NEES Site at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has produced 3D Data Viewer materials for the NEES Project "Evaluation of Ground Rupture Effects on Critical Lifelines." These sample materials will allow users to visualize and analyze data from the project in the 3D Data Viewer on the NEEShub.

NEES@RPI invites you to try out 3D Data Viewer using real experimental data stored in the NEES Project Warehouse in one of the following ways: Account Holders:

There are two ways to access the files for those with accounts on the NEES Project Warehouse:

  1. Browse the experiment on the hub and choose files in the Experiment-#/Trial-1/Analysis folder.  Click on the “Launch With” link and choose “3D Data Viewer."  This will open the application in a workspace within your browser.

  2. Download and install 3D Data Viewer and use the NEEShub integration feature (explained on page 4 of the Users Guide)  The pipeline project is number 13 and should be near the top of the Project list.


The project is public, so anyone can download the files from the NEES Project Warehouse and use 3D Data Viewer on their local computer.  Browse the project on the hub and check the Experiments you are interested in.  Click download and save to the location of your choice.  Unzip the file and browse to Experiment-#/Trial-1/Analysis within 3D Data viewer.

For more info on 3D Data Viewer, please visit the webpage.


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