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An Introduction to the NEES Equipment Site Scheduling Protocol


On Monday Oct. 17th, 2:00-3:00 pm (EST), NEEScomm Site Operations is going to hold a public webinar to introduce the NEES Equipment Site Scheduling Protocol (protocol for short). All members of the NEES community are welcome.

You may register for the webinar here:

To ensure that the scheduling of ongoing and new research projects within the NEES network is transparent and well defined, that projects progress towards a timely completion, and that changes to project schedules are minimized, a new NEES Equipment Site Scheduling Protocol has been developed and is being implemented.  This protocol was developed by working with NSF, the equipment sites, the NEES Users Forum and other NEES groups. An interim version of the document has been posted on the NEEShub (

The goal of this webinar is to make NEES community aware of the new scheduling process and aid the community in implementing the protocol. Both new projects and projects that have already been approved (but have not yet entered the lab) will be affected by the protocol. Along with presenting the scheduling process of the projects using NEES facilities, this webinar will focus on introducing the following items that are new to the community:

  1. Site Utilization Request Form (SURF)
  2. Experimental Testing Plan (ETP)
  3. Site Scheduling Committee (SSC)
  4. Project rescheduling and relocation process

Information on the protocol and the SURF is provided on the NEEShub “Policies and Procedures” ( page. Additionally, information regarding existing site schedules is posted on the NEEShub site activities page (

Click here to register for the webinar:

Recording Now Available ->