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Travel Support available for early career faculty to attend OpenSees Days 2011 on August 22-23


Travel support is available for several early career faculty working on PEER-funded  or NEES-funded projects to attend OpenSees Days 2011.  Faculty from PEER’s Core Institutions who are not currently funded on a PEER project are also encouraged to apply.  To apply for travel support, complete the application before August 3rd at:

OpenSees Days 2011 will occur on August 22-23, 2011 at UC Berkeley’s Richmond Field Station, with two full days of User & Developer Workshops.

The OpenSees User Workshop will occur on August 22nd.  This annual one-day workshop on will focus on how to use OpenSees, and will include more hands-on activities than included in previous years.  This workshop is intended for beginning and intermediate users. This workshop will introduce users to the Tcl scripting language, as well as basic modeling and analysis techniques using OpenSees.

The second day of OpenSees Days 2011, August 23rd, will cover Advanced Tools and Topics.  This one-day workshop will include presentations on advanced topics including parallel & cloud computing, reliability and sensitivity analysis, and optimization.  The afternoon session will focus on the development of basic GUI interfaces to OpenSees.

At the conclusion of the event, participants will choose the winner of this year’s OpenSees Challenge.  The OpenSees Challenge will be awarded to the developer who develops the best-judged OpenSees powered tool running on (NEEShub).  For more information, or to view the challenge rules, visit:

To REGISTER for OpenSees Days 2011, please visit the following website before the August 19, 2011 registration deadline:

The Open System for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (OpenSees) is a software framework for simulating the seismic response of structural and geotechnical systems. OpenSees has advanced capabilities for modeling and analyzing the nonlinear response of systems using a wide range of material models, elements, and solution algorithms.  OpenSees has been developed as the computational platform for research in performance-based earthquake engineering at the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center.  OpenSees is also the simulation component for the NEESit since 2004.  For more information about OpenSees, visit: