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NEES Researchers Win Hogentogler Award from ASTM

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NEES Researchers Win Hogentogler Award from ASTM

Dr. Brady R. Cox of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and Dr. Kenneth H. Stokoe and Dr. Ellen M. Rathje, both from the University of Texas, Austin, have received the C.A. Hogentogler Award from ASTM International Committee D18 on Soil and Rock. The Hogentogler Award is presented annually to the authors of a paper of outstanding merit on soil or rock for engineering purposes that is published by the Society. The paper, “An In Situ Test Method for Evaluating the Coupled Pore Pressure Generation and Nonlinear Shear Modulus Behavior of Liquefiable Soils” was published in the Geotechnical Testing Journal in January 2009 (Vol. 32, Issue 1; published online September 2008).

“The paper focuses on the development of a new in situ testing technique that uses the NEES@UTexas field shakers to evaluate the coupled response between excess pore water pressure generation and nonlinear shear modulus behavior,” said Dr. Rathje. “The research resulted in the design of a new in situ liquefaction sensor to measure dynamic soil particle motions and pore water pressures, and the development of data analysis techniques to interpret the recorded sensor data.”

The project, “Field Evaluation of Liquefaction Resistance at Previous Liquefaction Sites in Southern California” (grant award #04HQGR0073), was funded by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and operated in collaboration with NEES as a shared-use project. Research support was provided by NEES facilities at the University of Texas, Austin and the University of California, Santa Barbara. This is a prime example of the unique and valuable benefit that NEES provides researchers through the network’s state-of-the-art, shared-use facilities. A schematic showing the location and mode of operation of T-Rex during staged dynamic loading of the instrumented liquefiable layer is shown below. Project information is available in Project Warehouse. The paper may be downloaded for a fee from ASTM.