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Ali Ashasi Sorkhabi

Problem with executing hybrid examples


I am trying to use OpenFreco for hybrid testing. As it is the first time that I am using it, I decided to execute the first example for OpenFresco which is about Cantilever beam (Got from NEES website). First I executed the Cantilever_Slave.Tcl in OpenSees window, Then I executed the Cantilever_Master.Tcl in another OpenSees window but this time the system stopped working and that OpenSees window was closed by Windows 7.

What can be the reason for that?

Thanks Ali

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    figo figo figo

    Hi, I met this question recently,too. So have you solved it?

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    Dawn Weisman

    Ali – If you are still having this issue, please enter it as a support ticket instead of a Question.

    thanks, Dawn Weisman

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