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zhu fei

Question aout the real time tesing using OpenFresco (2)

Hi! Mahin, Thanks very much for your reply to my last question. I’m sorry that I’m not familar with the operation model in this web, and I kicked the “ accepct the answer” with wrong so that my last question was been closed. but I still have queries about it. I got a lot from your reply, but I still know whether OpenFresco can do data processing,such as interpolation? (for example, the OpenFresco is inputted 2 datas, and I want it outputs 5 datas by interpolation. )

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    Stephen Alan Mahin

    Sorry, I did not get a notification that you sent in another question.

    I am not entirely sure what you have in mind for data processing. Basically, OpenFresco depends on the analysis program for seeing the time step for the numerical integration, so if you have a record digitized at 0.02 s and you want to do the analysis at 0.005 s you will need to do that with the structural analysis software you use. If you want to see what is going on in the controller and any xPCtarget algorithms, OpenFresco will let you see out put that. There may be, depending on the controller thousands of data points per second. All of this can be saved, by writing to recorders at the time step you want.

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