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Caroline Williams

RDV: “Unable to Connect”

I have tried to launch the RDV tool from multiple computers and web browsers and have come across the same problem. It says that it was unable to connect and there is a network error where the remote host closed connection during handshake. It gives the options to retry or switch to a signed applet but neither of these options work. Is this a problem on your end or my end? If it’s on my end what can I do to launch the tool through the hub?

Thank you.

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    Michael Boldischar

    Hi Caroline,

    Are you still experiencing this problem? If so, could you please post a screenshot of the error? I didn’t see much in the code when I grepped for “handshake”. I only saw something about an unrecognized FlexTPS certificate. I need the exact error message. Also, I’d like to know which version of RBNB and RDV you are running. Are you able to ping the server you are trying to connect to? Can you transfer files between the computers?

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