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Syed Murtuza Abbas

Cannot run SimFEAdapter and Portal Frame OpenFresco exa

I tried it several times but when I try to run these two examples, they don’t work.

1. Simulation Finite Element Adapter Experimental Control Example

Cantilever_Slave.tcl works fine but when I run Cantilever_Master.tcl I get: “WARNING transformation object not found expElement beamColumn element: 1”

2. Portal Frame with Gravity Load Example

When I run it, I get: “WARNING uniaxial material not found uniaxialMaterial 1
expControl SimUniaxialMaterials 1”

Considering that these are examples provided along with OpenFresco, they should be running fine. I am not able to figure out when they don’t. I’d appreciate any help.

I didn’t install and set up SVN and OpenSSL (I tried but couldn’t). Are they necessary to run these examples?

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    Andreas Schellenberg

    I am assuming that you are using the latest version of OpenSees v2.3.2. If this is the case you are getting the errors because there have been some major code changes that took place in OpenSees. I am about to post a new version of OpenFresco v2.7 (on our new webpage: that will fix this issue in the next couple of weeks. In the meanwhile I am going to send you an updated OpenFresco version by email.

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