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Syed Murtuza Abbas

Step definition for Abaqus modules

The .INP files for the Abaqus modules do not run without step definitions. The step definitions(from example manual) have been defined as:


This I guess applies a unit displacement along dof 1 and 6. Why are we doing this?? Why 1.0? And what all dofs should we do this too? And it won’t run without defining the ‘step’ in the Abaqus INP file(unlike Opensees modules where no step definition is required) I would greatly appreciate if you could answer this question.

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    Oh-Sung Kwon

    1.0 does not have much meaning. The displacement command is updated at every time step. You should include the boundary condition for all DOFs that you will control with UI-SimCor.

    STEP should be defined at every step of analysis. That’s why it is in the .INP file. In OpenSees, though, the NICA.exe automatically generate all these.

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