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Michael Bletzinger

Can I upload the inDEED CSV spec file using web services?

I have all of the information for sensor settings already stored in spreadsheets. I also have a java app that converts these settings to configuration files used by our DAQ systems and the IlliDAQ application. It would not be difficult to adapt this application to produce inDEED CSV files. However I need to understand how to upload these files into the appropriate locations in the data warehouse. There are too many of these to do manually.

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    Ian Mathew


    Thank you for using the NEEShub, and for asking this question. inDEED files can be uploaded to any Analysis directory, and/or any Data folder under a Repetition (Corrected_Data, Unprocessed_Data, Converted_Data, or Derived Data). To mark a file as runnable by inDEED, simply add the following to your tool’s XML:

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance or explanation regarding this procedure, or if this does not adequately answer your question.
    Ian Mathew
    NEEScomm IT

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