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Michael Bletzinger

Unit testing with HttpClient?

I am looking into implementing an extension of my data repository to use web services to upload sensor metadata, test data, and inDEED description files. Can I use your test service to run HttpClient unit tests during this development or do I need to duplicate your service locally.

The web services seem to be down write now. is dead.

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    Ian Mathew


    Thank you for your interest in our REST Web Services, and for asking this question. It seems like there are a few different issues in play here. First, you are correct in your intentions to use our staging Web Services (ws-stg) for testing. We encourage using this server in the way you have described. To see Web Services documentation, the url to visit is

    To access our staging Web Services environment, you need to be connected via NEEShub VPN. According to our records, you have already been added to that group. If another user requires access to that group, they should submit a ticket requesting for such access. To setup access on your local machine, please see the VPN group Wiki (

    Please let me know if you have any further questions or issues related to this question.


    Ian Mathew NEEScomm IT

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