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Leila Najafi

incorporating higher modes in analysis?

I have written a code for nonlinear time history analysis of a simple 3D model but while assessing the results I have found that they are only based on first mode of vibration and the 2nd and 3rd mode did not incorporate in results. Also when I want to know the 2nd or 3rd mode, the code report an error. Have anybody faced to a problem like mine Please help me solving this problem Thanks. Story displacement by Sap: umax3:4.7 cm umax2:6.01 cm umax1:4.7 cm

Story displacement by opensees: umax3:12.59 cm umax2:6.8 cm umax1: 2.13 cm

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    Pedram Hesam

    Hi Leila,

    Thanks for contacting us regarding your problem. In order to be able to help you better, please give me more detail about your model and also please send us the screenshot of the error it gives while you want to analyze the higher modes.

    Best Regards, Pedram

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