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Michael Bletzinger

Where is the test data for a hybrid simulation

I need to upload unprocessed data for the CABER 3 Pier simulation we completed (Project 71). I have created a Hybrid Simulation folder. However there does not seem to be any place for the test data

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    Ian Mathew


    Thank you for using PEN and for this question. Hybrid Simulations are a new type of Simulation for us, and we are still adding to and changing that aspect of PEN and the Project Warehouse. While PEN supports most upload and download activities, you may need to use the Project Editor for some things. With that said, I will provide my understanding of how Hybrid Simulations work.

    When you create a Hybrid Simulation in PEN, a simple structure should already be created for you. This structure includes the Hybrid Simulation, Documentation and Analysis directories, and a Coordinator. The Coordinator should contain a Coordinator Substructure, Documentation, Analysis, Models, and Environment folders.

    First, it is important to note that Models and Environment folders operations are not supported fully by PEN – this is a known issue, and we’re working on this now. Second, data can mean many different things. You define the experiments and simulations used as pieces of the HybridSimulation by defining Coordinator Substructure groups, with Physical (Experiment) and Analytical (Simulation) Substructures contained in Coordinator Substructure groups. CoordinatorSubstructure_1 should be created for you when your Hybrid Simulation and Coordinator are created. You can add more CoordinatorSubstructures, and add Physical and Analytical Substructures to those.

    Data collected from Hybrid Experiments should be placed in Coordinator Runs. These are basically just Run types which exist beneath a Coordinator. You should be able to right-click a Coordinator and create a Coordinator-Run in PEN. Data from runs in that HybridSimulation can be placed there. In the Project Editor, you can link a Run at the Coordinator level to Trials and Runs within a Coordinator’s Physical and Analytical Substructures. Unfortunately, this is also still in development in PEN.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.


    Ian Mathew NEEScomm IT

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