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Jake Bruhl

how can I open the .out file?

Is there a way to either save the .out file to my computer or open it through NEEShub? I’ve run my analysis but need to pull some specific data out of the .out file. Thanks.

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    Cheng Song


    You can use your personal storage space in NEEShub to save/transfer the .out files. This personal directory shows as H Drive in the tool session. You can save the .out files in the H drive (this is also the only drive that is supposed to be used to save files), and access or transfer them later anytime you want.

    To access your personal storage space, there are several ways, e.g Webdav, sftp softwares, etc. Here is a link for how to connect your personal space using Webdav:

    Cheng Song NEEScomm Earthquake Engineer

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