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Jawad Arefi

Unlocking the input file.

I tried to deconvolve a recorded motion at the surface to get the within bedrock motion. I selected the only output to be acceleration time history of the bedrock (within or outcrop). As soon I unlock to change the properties the program shuts down. I tried other output parameters and doesn’t happen to them. Any thoughts?

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    Ellen M. Rathje

    Thanks for your question.

    Sometimes when you try to unlock the inputs when you are on the output tab the program shuts down. I recommend that you always navigate to to one of the input tabs before unlocking. This seems to solve the problem. Please feel free to follow up on this question again if you continue to have this problem.

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      Jawad Arefi

      Thank you very much Ellen for your prompt reply. I followed your suggestion but surprisingly it worked only the first time with a simple soil profile and did not work for the same profile and other deeper profiles which I tried. For simple profiles the program crashes but when I open it again it is unlocked but for the profile with more layers I can’t do this and so I can’t change the properties. This is important for me because as you know sometimes in deconvolution acceleration in the bedrock are excessively high and some properties needs to be changed in order to proceed. I would appreciate your further suggestions. Kind regards.

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