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Reagan Chandramohan

Different appdirs for different venues

From all the documentation and youtube videos on the topic, it seems that the appdir to use for most venues (local, osg, steele, hansen) is /apps/openseesbuild/osg…

However, for ranger, it seems to be different: /apps/openseesbuild/appdir/ranger…

My code ran perfectly locally on neeshub and on steele… However the same code produced the following error on ranger: It could not interpret the ** operator as the exponential operator and required the use of the pow() function…

Is there any particular reason this is happening only on ranger…? Is this a result of using a different appdir…? Does this appdir contain a different version of openseesmp…?

Finally, which appdir should be used for kraken…?

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    Tanzima Islam

    Hi Reagan, The appdir you used for Ranger is correct: /apps/openseesbuild/appdir/ranger. Depending on different architectures, different versions of OpenSees executables need to be built. A new version of OpenSees was built just recently. It is possible that the executable built previously for Ranger (the version you were using) had some issue. Please try the version for Kraken and see if your problem still persists. The appdir for Kraken is: /apps/openseesbuild/appdir/kraken.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks, —Tanzima

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