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Reagan Chandramohan

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Is there anyplace I can view the job queue for venues like ranger and hansen to get an idea as to when my job would be executed and what is its location in the queue…?

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    Tanzima Islam

    Hi Reagan, Thanks to Anup, we now have the option to check job status on remote venues available. Please try the following command:

    /apps/bin/batchstatus —queuestat venue

    Where, venue is ranger, kraken, steele or hansen. The status of “q” or “qw” means your job is waiting in the queue, and “r” means it is running. If you no longer see any output, that means your job has finished and you can expect to see output in your scratch dir.

    Thanks! —Tanzima

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    Anup Mohan

    Hi Reagan,

    Currently we don’t have the feature which enables the user to check the queue status on venues. At the time being we can check it for you. We are planning to add this as a feature to the batchsubmit command. Until then you will have to contact us to know the status of the queue.

    Thanks Anup

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