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Reagan Chandramohan

Job cancellation

Can a job once submitted using batchsubmit to various venues be cancelled…? There seems to be a batchcancel command, but it doesn’t work… On NEEShub itself, the killall command works fine, but what about other venues like ranger, hansen, etc…?

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    Tanzima Islam

    Hi Reagan, Please try the following format:

    Let’s say you received this message when you submitted the job with batchsubmit: “/home/neeshub/yourusename/scratch/openseesmp/job00052/LargeMP“ where “openseesmp” is your “jobtype” and “job00052” is your “jobname”. So, to cancel the above mentioned job, do the following: batchcancel —jobtype openseesmp —jobname job00052

    Thanks, —Tanzima

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