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Erin Mock

How do you delete a file that you downloaded in a trial?

I downloaded the wrong file in a one of my trials. I tried to figure out how to delete it using PEN, but I couldn’t find any delete button. Is there any way I can get rid of that file?

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    Ian Mathew

    Unfortunately, we do not currently support automated deletion of files from the warehouse. If you are looking to delete from the warehouse, please submit a ticket to let us know what file(s) you wish to delete. We are working on this issue.

    However, if you have a file that you would like to delete from your local hard drive, you may do that in PEN by right-clicking that file and clicking delete. If that file is only on your computer(displayed in blue), it will be deleted permanently. If the file is on your local computer and also in the warehouse (displayed in black or red), that file will be deleted from your local directory. It will then be displayed in gray, because it is now only in the Project Warehouse.


    Ian Mathew PEN Development Team NEEScomm IT

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    Ellen M. Rathje

    Currently, there is no delete functionality available to users. NEEScomm IT is working on it. You may submit a ticket and ask for NEEScomm IT to remove items for you.

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