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Arpit Nema

How difficult is it to use tcp-recorders in lieu of local storage?

As an alternative to local storage (default: 1 GB), is it possible (and/or practical) to use the -tcp setting of the recorders (specially for parallel processing)? I have very little idea about the issues involved (security, setup) and would appreciate hearing ideas and comments. I would like to setup a simulation to send the results over the internet to either a remote computer (pref. Linux) or to NAS (Network Attached Storage). The main concern that comes to my mind is whether or not such a setup is secure; is it possible to send some identification or credentials to allow writing to the remote media? I would like to setup this kind of recorder because I expect that the study I need to conduct would generate a lot of data (30 GB+). This would require not just additional local space, but also a lot of time to complete the data transfer. The tcp recorder should solve both the problems

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