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giuseppe abbiati

Solver parameters

In the case of OpenSEES as finite element code, how can I set the solver paramenters for the application of the static load and the displacement control analysis? I would like to use different settings for the two cases.

Many thanks for the support

Giuseppe Abbiati

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    Oh-Sung Kwon

    The solver, algorithm, test, etc. parameters are defined in the following file.


    However, the file is loaded only once at the beginning of the simulation. It is possible to use different setting after certain number of time steps (static loading steps for example). To do that, though, the source code of NICA should be revised.

    If you send me very simple example of using different analysis parameters, I can customize NICA and send it to you.

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      giuseppe abbiati

      First of all thank you very much for your kindness, I’m working Real-Time hybrid simulation. I’m going to use an OpenSEES model as nonlinear numerical substructure. Thanks to UI-SimCOR I linked Matlab to OpenSEES. Because of the real-time, I’m tryning to optimize the integration algorithm. Is this the reason beacouse I asked if it possible to apply directly static load inside OpenSEES. In this way I would reduce di effective DoFs just to the ones controlled in displacement. In the last few days, I’ve understood that also the gravity loads are applied by means of a displacement control analysis. So I don’t thing that is necessary to adopt different solver parameters for the static and the transient analysis (is it correct?). Thanks a lot for you help! Giuseppe

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