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Randoph Josh Cumbest

Constant modulus

What is the best way to implement a constant shear modulus (say 1.0 linear behavior) in STRATA? I tried a custom G\Gmax model in the “soil types” tab with a single row containing “0” for the strain and “1.0” for the modulus (if I add more rows STRATA blows up). This approach worked oK for the damping and STRATA ran Ok but if I output a modulus profile it contains extremely large numbers for the modulus.

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    Ellen M. Rathje

    Thank you for your question. When I run linear elastic analyses I also use the custom model. However, I provide meaningful values of strain (0.0001%, 0.001%, etc) and set G/Gmax = 1.0 and D = desired value for each strain value. This ensures that the interpolation procedure used to select strain-compatible properties still works, although in this case the interpolation is not needed.

    I hope this helps.

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