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James Morris

Installing Synchronees on Windows 7

I created an account on NEEShub to use SAP Educational Version and wanted to upload files to run on SAP. I followed instructions to install Synchronees. It installs properly. When I open the shortcut, I get the Synchronees login and password prompt. I enter my information and then get an internal error. I reported this under Ticket #1844.

I installed the Synchronees file below: synchronees1.2.4-win32-ix86.msi

Thanks. Jim

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    Michael McLennan

    We just published a new version of SynchroNEES that guards against the problem of having no user groups. Download and install version 1.2.5 or later. It should be working properly now. Thanks for reporting this!

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    George A Howlett

    There’s a bug in SynchroNEES that makes it fail when you are a member of no groups.

    But there are several ways you can transfer files to your home directory on

    1) importfile

    From inside of a workspace on, type the command importfile fileName

    where fileName is the name of file your would like to create. If you have popup blockers on, you have to allow to popup a window.

    The window that pops up will be a file dialog that will ask which file from your laptop/desktop to transfer.

    2) psftp.exe

    If you have putty installed (or any other sftp client) you can run the command psftp.exe

    It will log you into after asking for your username and password.

    You can then issue the psftp command put fileName

    where fileName is the name of the laptop/desktop file you want to transfer.

    3) webdav.

    This lets you access your files as a web folder. Using this is problematic under Windows 7. Microsoft broke it.

    See the document

    for details.

    4) Fake out synchronees by creating a group yourself.

    Go to your “My NEEShub” page. Find the “My Groups” section and click on the “New Group” button. You will be asked for the name of the group etc. It doesn’t matter what it is. You can restrict the group to yourself. etc.

    Once you’ve created the group, you can use SynchroNEES to login and transfer files.


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