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Are the genericClient_imp.obj universal?

    Hi, professor Mahin.I am lishuangjiang,coming from china,and now studying on hybrid simulation with openfresco and abaqus.I have ran the examples about OneBayFrame (Got from NEES website).

    Now ,I want to do a hybrid simulation for a 2D finite-element model which is a 3-story and 4-bay steel frame.The left column in the first story is the experimental component,and the others are computed in the abaqus 6.12-1 .

    I use the genericClient_imp.obj coming from the NEES website and a inp file for my model.But the hybrid simulation can’t run.

    I have a question about my hybrid simulation.I wonder whether the genericClient_imp.obj and genericClient_exp.obj are universal.I don’t know if I need to chang some parameters for the relevant files which are the genericClient_imp.for and genericClient_exp.for. I would appreciate any help.

    Best regards, lishuangjiang

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    Mustesin Ali Khan


    lishuangjiang ,

    I am trying to run OneBayFrame Example but not able to understand how to link opensees and abaqus. Can you please help me in this regard? My Email is I would appriciate any help.




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