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Richard P. Ray

Compile and link environment any documentation?

Compiling and linking this source code is by no means straightforward. I have been able to successfully compile and execute many samples of code in Qt and Qwt environments, even the gsl and fftw libraries are available and can be configured. 

My greatest difficulty is getting gsl to behave properly. Since it is fundamentally a Linux-based tool, most of the documentation is Linux, except for Cygwin implementation. The other problem lies with insuring that 32-bit and 64-bit environments are not mixed. I've done that as well but still and banging my head on getting the proper libraries to link in. Is there any documentation on the compile link process for Strata?

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    Albert Kottke


    The code for Strata is now being hosted on Github [1]. There is some documentation for compiling Strata on various systems on Github readme. If you continue to have issues, open up an Issues ticket on Github and we can work through the process.



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