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Bhavesh Pandey

Changes in new versiin of Strata

Dear Sir,

Can you please provide the list of major changes in new version 426 from 399.

The results have significant variation from previous version specifically for transfer function. 

In my profile I was trying to calculate the transfer function between surface to top of any layer (considering that layer to be outcrop). In output specification section - Acc Transfer Function I was giving location 1 (0m, Outcrop) and Location 2 (some depth, Outcrop) as I want to see the transfer function if 2nd layer would be a Outcrop.(I hope I am using option Correctly).

The results of such analysis is changed a lot with use of new version. 

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    Albert Kottke


    The changes having been relatively minor bug fixes, and added output. Nothing that should change the fundamental behavior of the program. The fact that you are seeing differences is somewhat troubling.

    Strata has moved to Github recently ( Use the latest release and see if your issues persists. If it does, create a new issue ( with the Strata files and perhaps some screenshots. I can't address the issue if I cannot recreate the problem.


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