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Barry Leibson

What perl libraries are missing?

I just downloaded PEN onto an Ubuntu box and when I run it, I receive the complaint “Missing Perl libraries detected”. I have perl v5.10.1 installed. Do I need to install some additional libraries?


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    Ian Mathew

    PEN 1.3.0 and later no longer require an installation of Perl to run. If you receive any error message related to Perl installation or libraries in PEN 1.3.0 or later, please submit a ticket. If you have no other Perl-dependent applications, please feel free to remove perl and all associated libraries.

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    Ian Mathew


    Thanks for your question. Because of the way perl does things, it is difficult for me to tell you exactly what libraries you need to install. For my linux installation, I installed libxml-simple-perl and libnet-ssleay-perl. You may view the perl modules used by our script by going into the .pen folder of your home directory, and looking at Each line with a “use” statement corresponds to a perl module used. These modules may be in different packages, depending on OS and version. I got PEN working on my Linux machine by searching for each module in Synaptic Package Manager.

    We are currently looking for a better way to determine the libraries needed in Linux.


    Ian Mathew NEEScomm IT PEN Development Team

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