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Emily Stinson

Password Error Message

I have a SAP2000 file on my laptop that I want to open in the NEES SAP2000 educational version so I am trying to use SynchroNEES to transfer the SAP file to my NEEShub. I created a new group and restricted the membership just to myself. When I log into SynchroNEES the group shows up but as soon as I try to transfer files an error message comes up “Your password was not accepted. Please log in to and attempt to reset your password. If this has no effect, then please submit a support ticket for assistance.”

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    George A. Howlett

    It appears as if your web and sftp (SynchroNEES) logins don’t match like they should.

    One remedy for this is to go to the page and click on “forgot password?”. This will take you to another page. Enter your user names in the entry box and e-mail will be sent to you (to the e-mail address you gave when you created your account). There will be a long token string in the e-mail that you can paste in. By resetting your password the logins should match once again.

    Then try both logging into through the login page (to verify you have the right password) and then with SynchroNEES.

    BTW. If it’s just for you, you don’t need to put the file into a group directory. You can simply copy it into your home directory on neeshub. The “MyNeeshub File” tab will show you your files in neeshub.

    If all of this doesn’t work, you can also try using an sftp client to connect to your neeshub home directory.


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    Emily Stinson

    Now I’m getting the error message “Can’t connect to for file transfer. Are you connected to the network? Can you access from your web browser? If so, you may be behind a strict firewall that is blocking access for file transfer. If you have VPN access to your home institution, try activating the VPN and accessing your group files again”

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