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Justin Russell

Where can I get https proxy info?

When I try to launch any tool I get a pop up asking for my https proxy info. What is this information and where can I find it?

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    Brian Rohler

    Justin – a short answer to your question is it sounds like you might be behind a firewall. Are you trying to access NEEShub from home, work or a university? I wouldn’t expect a firewall issue if you are at home but at work or a university there might be a firewall in place. Usually you will know if you are behind an HTTP proxy and you will have that information available. If not, you could look at your browser settings and see what it has (it will probably say “automatically detect”, in which you may have to ask your network administrator for the proxy settings). Since you have tried three different browsers I am expecting the latter in that you need to contact your network administrator and have them help you work through the firewall issue.

    If you finally get through please post your reponse so others may benefit as well. Hope this helps.

    Brian Rohler NEEScomm IT

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    Brian Rohler

    Hi Justin – What browser are you using?

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