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Hong Kim

as a windows user how do i transfer a directory of files

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    Frank McKenna

    the upload and download buttons in the FileTransfer application will only transfer a single file at the moment.

    if a windows user and want to execute a script contained in a directory on your machine do the following:

    1) zip up the directory containing the script and all needed files. it may contain multiple directories. to do this:

    a) right click on the folder,
    b) mouse over the Send-To option
    c) select compresed (zipped) folder.
    you should have a file in your present location on the windows machine (i am using folder for whatever your folder name was)

    2) upload the directory to the hub using the File Transfer application. to do this:

    a) select the File Transfer application from the openseeslab tool.
    b) push the upload button.
    c) hit the browse button
    d) go and locate the file and select it.
    e) hit the upload button.
    the file should now be in your home directory on NEEShub.

    3) extract the contents of the file on NEEShub.

    a) select the OpenSees INterpreter application.
    b) cd to your home directory.
    c) type “ls” and you should see your file, if you don’t 2 above did not work.
    d) you can move the file to wherevr you want on NEEShub using cd, cp and mkdir
    e) when you have the file where you want it and you are in the same directory as the file type “jar xvf”
    the files should now be in the folder directory in your current location, type “ls folder” to see them.

    4) to run the script a.tcl in the folder directory

    a) from the OpenSees interpreter, type “cd folder”
    b) type “source a.tcl”

    to get a folder back to your local windows machine.

    1) create a of the contents of the directory you want

    a) select the OpenSees Interpreter application if it is not running.
    a) cd to the directory containing the directory (folder) you want to download
    b) type “jar -cvf folder”
    this should have created the .zip file

    2) download the .zip file to your machine

    1. Select the File Transfer application
    2. Push the Download button
    3. move around your dir stucture till you highlight the file
    4. Push the Open button
    the file should be downloaded to your machine. where it is depends on your browser and browser settings.

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