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arash sadr

how to use RSPM09

Hi guys I have some problem with this’ll mach the spectrum of a selected record to a target spectrum and generate gground motion but how i should use it? when i open rspm09.exe it say Enter input File and i try everything but nothing happen. can someone tell me how to enter my accelerogram and run the program?

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    Ryan Rakhmat Setiadi

    I also have try this software, first you need to copy All_Files.inp from Input Files folder to Outside (same folder with rspm09.exe). After that open rspm09.exe and write All_Files.inp as an input file. If you want to test this program work or not, you can delete all file in Output Files first and run All_Files. All output file will be back again.

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    Baikuntha Silwal

    Dear Arash Sadr,

    I have same problem of running rspm09.exe. When I run the program, the program terminated at the middle of running without giving any results in output files.

    when I used the same example files available in the program, I am unable to get results. Please share your experience how to get results with the examples available in the program.

    You can reach me at

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