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Help about running RSPMATCH 09

Hi everyone, I am not able to run the program, I have experience on the RSPMATCH 99 and it has almost the same input parameters but can run this new version… i just do nothig… could someone help me please.

Thanks a lot.

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    Ryan Rakhmat Setiadi

    I also have try this software, first you need to copy All_Files.inp from Input Files folder to Outside (same folder with rspm09.exe). After that open rspm09.exe and write All_Files.inp as an input file. If you want to test this program work or not, you can delete all file in Output Files folder first and run All_Files. All files output file folder will be back again.

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    Baikuntha Silwal


    I have same problem of running RspMatch.

    Could any one give me advice of running and getting output files. while I run the program after putting Input Files/All_Files.inp (from the program files), although I have seen some portion of program running, the program stop without completing the running. Next, I am unable to see output files.

    Please advice me how to run and get results.

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    Hi thank you for answer… i do all that things, but it always give me error, i dont find a way to attach a file but this happens when I run it.

    Enter input file All_Files.inp forrtl: severe (29): file not found, unit2, file C:\00. RSPMATCH\RSPM09_v2\RSPMATCH09_v2\All_Files.inp

    Image PC Rountine rspm09.exe 00487D4A Unknown

    I also tried to run individual RUN1.INP files, like the original version but it does not work….

    Is anyway you could post a video of the run procedure? just to see if I am doing some wrong, I also send the RSPMATCH to a person how studied in Berkeley but happens the same.

    GraciaS por ayudarme, te lo agradezco mucho.

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    Cheng Song


    Did you try to run RSPMatch09 with the given example files? I tried the example files and it seems to work all good. I called the All_Files.inp to run the example files.


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