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Thomas Marullo

Download file tree only

Is it possible to download the complete file tree structure of a Project into a new folder without downloading all the files associated? I've already uploaded test data from one computer and I now want to upload video data from another computer but it is a lot easier to use the existing file structure with Windows Explorer to copy and paste files than import using then PEN.

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    Ian Mathew

    Hi Tommy,

    Thank you for the question.  Unfortunately, this functionality is not available in PEN.  If you would like this functionality, please submit a Wish in our wish system.


    As an alternative to this functionality, if you know the file path your files will be placed at, you could create that path on your own and place the files there.  Then, you could sync the project with the root of that path, and execute an upload operation.  The files should be uploaded in this way.  To do this:

    1. Identify the path.  For example, if your files go inside the Documentation folder of Experiment 1, your path might be "/home/me/projects/863/Experiment-1/Documentation".  In this case, the "/home/me/projects/863" should be synced with a project, while "Experiment-1/Documentation" is the path

    2. Copy your files to the Documentation folder above.

    3. Open PEN and login.

    4. Select your project number from the provided list.

    5. In the LocalDirectory field, type or browse to the directory listed above as the directory to sync with the project.

    6. Open Experiment-1, then Documentation

    7. Observe the files you copied, listed as blue files.  You may upload those files.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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      Thomas Marullo

      I've submitted a wish for this feature: ( I hope you understand why I think it is important to have the ability to download the complete folder structure of a Project represented in the warehouse onto a local system.

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